Announcing the 2018 Social Progress Index: US States

We are excited to announce the release of a new Social Progress Index, the first measurement of quality of life that focuses exclusively on social and environmental factors across all 50 American states.

But we’re not going to stop there—the Skoll Foundation has issued us a challenge grant to catalyze social progress at the city and regional level by matching your gifts dollar-for-dollar this year. Double your impact with a donation today!

Explore the results

As the United States approaches its 250th birthday, the Social Progress Index: US States exposes the gap between today’s quality of life and the American ideal of life, liberty and happiness for all.

None of the five largest state economies (California, New York, Illinois, Florida and Texas) are in the top ten states on social progress. And three of these five don’t even crack the top 30.

The new index shows the growing economy is not working for millions of Americans who face stagnant or declining living standards. Each state is evaluated on how well it provides its people with the things they really care about, including health, safety, shelter, education, rights and freedom. Learn More

Support local impact

While the state-level index reveals priorities for improvement, only measuring progress on the local level, community-by-community, will fully capture the diversity of lived experience within the US. That’s why the Social Progress Imperative is launching a major initiative to bring social progress data and insight to every community in the US.

Starting with 10 pilot cities and regions, we will help communities develop customized Social Progress Indexes and other tools to identify their greatest needs and convert their resources into better, more equitable outcomes for all. These pilots will also inform broad scaling of the Social Progress Index across the country to ensure that local action leads to nationwide change.

Despite its challenges, the US is primed for transformation. We have the tools to make this possible, and we now have the potential to make your donation go twice as far. Make a gift today and help turn data into better lives for everyday Americans.

To learn more about how states are performing, compare their performance to regional neighbors and economic peers visit

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