Puebla becomes the first Mexican state with a social progress index

We are just wrapping up a municipal-level study of one of Mexico’s most industrialized states in collaboration with the Popular Autonomous University of the State of Puebla and other partners. It is our first in Mexico, and an exciting addition to our broad list of index applications across Latin America.

Coming out strong on the 2018 Social Progress Index: Puebla, Mexico Municipalities are San Andrés Cholula, Teteles de Ávila Castillo, Puebla, Cuautlancingo and San Pedro Cholula.

San Sebastián Tlacotepec, Eloxochitlán, Coyomeapan, Acteopan and Vicente Guerrero are the five municipalities that perform worst out of the 217 total in the state. Not only some of the poorest economically, they are also struggling the most with “security, job opportunities, life expectancy, access to electricity and potable water, entrance to higher education, sustainable energy, risk of diseases, quality of housing and political participation.”

It is particularly important for this state to measure social progress because today most of its development is concentrated in the capital Puebla and other cities. Many of its rural areas are very poor, forcing many to migrate away to places such as Mexico City and the United States.

“The main thing is to use this tool to implement policies that could generate a society that protects the environment, that is sustainable and that cares about wellbeing, not just about the economic aspect,” said Prado Castillo, public relations director of Sintonia, in an interview with El Sol de Puebla.

Stay tuned to learn more about the 46 different facets of life that make up this groundbreaking social progress index. We will release the full findings later this year.

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