Insights from the 2018 index spark discussion

On September 20, we released the 2018 Social Progress Index documenting a world that is improving but with widespread deterioration in rights and inclusion. This year’s index, which expands coverage to 146 countries across five years of data, is already generating important discussions about the direction our world is heading.

  • In the Boston Globe, Professor Michael E. Porter of Harvard Business School and the Social Progress Imperative Advisory Board chair writes that despite improving economic numbers, “America is mired in a social progress recession.”
  • Devex reports that the 2018 index reveals worrying trends but notes that “countries from the global south have made the biggest gains in social progress over the past five years.”
  • The Economist cites the Social Progress Index as the “most elaborate measure of quality of life,” finding that around the world, “people’s basic needs are being met but they lack opportunities.”

economist graphic

These are just some of the insights generated by the index. From India to the Czech Republic and Singapore to Australia, leading commentators from business, civil society and academia alike are diving into the data to see what the Social Progress Index has to say about where their country is headed.

Explore the full results for yourself, including data visualizations, scorecards for all 146 ranked countries, an executive summary of the findings, and the full dataset used to build the 2018 index.

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