New TED Talk: Progress towards achieving the SDGs

We are excited to announce the latest TED Talk by our CEO, Michael Green, which presents new research using the Social Progress Index to assess progress towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The overall picture isn’t pretty. At the current pace, the world will hit the SDG targets not by 2030 but by 2094.29978397287_7f6f85f4a3_o

The talk also digs deeps and highlights that in critical areas like basic healthcare and water and sanitation there are some reasons for optimism. Many of the world’s problems are solvable, but we need to act now if we are to deliver on the promise of the goals. But we also find that issues of rights and inclusion, which make up SDG 16, are most at risk. These are areas where the world is going backwards, and require urgent attention.

Using the SDG-calibrated Social Progress Index, we can assess the world’s progress towards the goals and spotlight areas that need to be prioritized. But the index is also a powerful guide to SDG action. Decision-makers around the world are already using customized Social Progress Indexes to monitor progress towards the goals and localize implementation efforts.

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