A look at what’s ahead

We are looking forward to a busy and exciting year! Here is a quick glimpse of a few things we’re working on.

What Works Summit
The April 1-3 summit in Reykjavík, Iceland will spotlight and debate approaches that drive social progress and advance the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Apply NOW to be part of this exclusive and innovative gathering! Application deadline is January 14th.


2019 Social Progress Index
The 2019 index will be the most rigorous and comprehensive yet, documenting trends in social progress over the past six years and revealing which countries over- and underperform in converting their resources into better social and environmental outcomes. See the 2018 results HERE.

The Power of Data Template _1_.png

Game change for the U.S.
To help reverse the declining social progress trends in the US, we are expanding efforts in providing hard data for cities and counties across the country to allow decision makers and community members to understand precisely how people are really living and who is being left behind. The Social Progress Index for the 50 US States can be seen HERE.

shutterstock_754745452 copy.jpg

Cities of India
Building on India’s state and district level Social Progress Indexes, the upcoming Social Progress Index for India’s cities will provide the most comprehensive measure of wellbeing of the country’s largest cities. Check out the district index HERE

Expanding to new continents
We are proud to announce that the Social Progress Network is expanding to Australia and Africa! In partnership with the Centre for Social Impact in Australia and IQ Business in South Africa, we are bringing the power of the Social Progress Index to six continents and empowering 2.5 billion people with the tools and insight to create real change in their communities.

Make a New Year’s resolution to help drive more equitable, inclusive, and thriving societies. Give TODAY to help us continue providing data that advances social progress for all.


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