Thanks for a Great What Works Summit!

We are extremely thankful for all of our summit participants, speakers and sponsors. What Works 2019 was a truly engaging and inspirational conference!


A few highlights include:

  • Deloitte’s Wade Warren, IQbusiness’ Sally Jansen, UNDP’s Simon Zadek discuss how businesses can contribute to social progress, and why they must.


  • Özlem Cekic, Association of Bridge Builders and former Member of Parliament of Denmark- “Evil can only be defeated with kindness between strangers. Kindness takes courage. Let’s be courageous my friends.”


  • Social Progress Imperative co-founder and board member Matthew Bishop interviews Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba of Jackson, Mississippi – “We are trying to build a new economy that is focused on the inherent dignity of every citizen.”


  • Silvana Koch-Mehrin, Women Political Leaders and Social Progress Imperative board member, with The B Team CEO Halla Tomasdóttir– “When you have gender balance you shift the values.”


  • Former New Zealand Prime Minister and UNDP Administrator Helen Clark with former Irish Ambassador to the UN David Donoghue – “What will it take to move the SDGs forward? Least Developed and Low Income Countries need official development assistance, quality lending and investment to accelerate progress and not be left behind.”

helen and david

  • Kiva’s Executive Chair Julie Hanna – “Inclusiveness is the invisible hand of the SDGs.”


  • Social Progress Imperative’s Michael Green – “SDGs are a plan for the world, not just for developing countries, and we are not set to achieve them until 2094 if we keep the current pace. We are not moving fast enough.”



RIDG’s Michelle Royal provided a digital graphic of the summit. See all videos and graphics HERE.



What Works 2019 was made possible through the support of our partners and sponsors.


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