Introducing Oki Matsumoto, Our Newest Board Member

We are delighted to announce that Oki Matsumoto has joined our Board of Directors. Oki is the chair and chief executive officer of the Monex Group, a major online financial institution that operates retail online brokerages in Japan, US, China (including Hong Kong), and Australia. Following the acquisition of Coincheck in April 2018 Monex is also home to one of the largest crypto exchanges in Japan. Oki began his career at Salomon Brothers before joining Goldman Sachs, where at 30 years old he became the youngest person to make general partner. He took charge of trading, risk management, capital markets businesses in Asia, and also founded the special situations unit at Goldman Sachs. In 1999, he founded Monex which was jointly capitalized with Sony. Oki has served as financial counsel to the Prime Minister of Japan and as outside directors of several companies including the Tokyo Stock Exchange from June 2008 to 2013. He is currently an outside director of MasterCard and a vice chair of Human Rights Watch.

Oki’s wealth of experience in financial services, as counsel at the highest levels of government, his work across Asia and globally, and as a defender of people most at risk make him a very exciting addition to our board. As the Social Progress Imperative continues to expand globally bringing business, government and civil society together to advance social progress at this critical time for society, we anticipate Oki’s expertise, commitment and contributions will be invaluable.

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